The Business End of NFV

The way ahead for service providers is clear. According to published surveys, 100% of large providers intend to adopt SDN and NFV with service agility, faster time to revenue and cross domain automation cited as the drivers (source IHS Infonetics Research).

While adopting open source approaches to achieve fast implementation the lack of carrier quality software and the inability of such proprietary solutions to interoperate are viewed as barriers. These are precisely the issues that led to the need for interoperability and standardization in the first place. This situation is exacerbated for the several thousand regional and local providers who do not have the deep pockets required to embark on the journey to SDN and NFV. Finally, recent conference presenters have bemoaned the lack of killer applications for either of these technologies.

The Broadband Forum takes a more optimistic view and believes that there are a number of specific applications that are very attractive to Broadband users. By articulating a coherent co-existence and migration strategy the benefits of NFV automated by SDN can create the new revenue streams necessary to sustain a successful future. Our role is to bring new high quality software deliverables and foster unified approaches while keeping the focus on the Business End of NFV.

Click to view our news release on the topic issued at the 2016 SDN World Congress. Since that time, although much progress has been made many of the views expressed are valid.